EQUiTrail is designed to work with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, but is also compatible with the iPhone 3GS. EQUiTrail will not work with iPod Touch because GPS functionality is required to use the app.
The emails your friends receive will have your trail map as an attachment. When you tap on the attachment, a button will display with the option "Open in EQUiTrail". Tap the button and EQUiTrail will launch automatically and load the map you shared. All your friends have to do is hit save!
If your phone has a low cell signal, its possible that the map on EQUiTrail will not be able to load fully causing you to see white tiles on portions of the map. Don't worry, EQUiTrail is still tracking your location and you will be able to see the full map with no white tiles when service improves!
The iPhone receives location information from multiple sources: Wi-Fi networks, cell towers and an internal GPS. Of those three, the internal GPS provides the most accurate GPS information. EQUiTrail uses ONLY the GPS to track your location to ensure the most accurate trail maps. If your iPhone is indoors when you start using EQUiTrail it may have trouble picking up GPS signals because of interference.