Map Features

  • EQUiTrail tracks your location in the background for hands-free use while riding.
  • Use annotations to place trail markers on the map or identify natural obstacles, cross country jumps, dangerous terrain, or a favorite lookout point.
  • Use EQUiTrail to capture photos on your trail rides and display them on the map.
  • NEW - Choose between metric and English units for your trails.
  • NEW - View statistics about your ride in real time - avg speed, distance traveled and duration.
  • NEW - Ability to pause your trail and resume it later, perfect for when you stop at a way point or take a break! 

Saved Map Features

  • Save your EQUiTrails to access trail data later, including photos, distance traveled, average speed, and the duration of the ride.
  • Create maps of the trails you ride that can be reused and shared with friends.
  • Use your saved maps to track trail mileage for your horses to submit to trail riding associations.
  • Follow your saved EQUiTrails or EQUiTrails that friends share with you.
  • Export your EQUiTrails via email and share with other EQUiTrail users.
  • Tweet photos of your trail maps.
  • Upload photos of your trail maps to Facebook.
  • NEW - Export your maps to HTML and view them on your computer.
  • NEW - Maximum elevation is included in the saved map details.